One more try…Is it worth it?

An excerpt from an article published in my first book – Thinking out Loud (2011). To read the full article get your copy on Amazon today!

So you gave it one more try…. and where did that get you? Honestly how many of us say that, then we wind up disappointed and more miserable than we began? Some of us do this for a multitude of reasons but after a while you know our judgment must bound to get better.

Time after time we tell ourselves that this is it…never us again then we get trapped with the same old feelings that maybe it can work this time. Maybe it’s for the children, maybe it’s for social appearances, maybe it’s pride or ego…not me! I can’t fail at this! But call it what you want…sooner or later we must see the light before it’s too late….

Nevertheless it didn’t work out this time around…so what next? Do you give up on love? Or do you dust yourself off in the hopes that you would find Mr./Ms. Right this time. Or do you reverse the cycle and rebound off your next victim? One thing’s for sure; you must find a way to heal your hurt. Whether it’s the real thing or just a sting. A tinge of jealousy, the feeling of betrayal or deceit… a case of unrequited love…. it all feels the same at the end of the day.

Do we think that somehow we brought this upon ourselves? Ridden with guilt and no place to go in a moment of weakness (we all have those at some point) we feel sorry for ourselves…we burden those around us with the memories and the thoughts of ‘what could have been’…and what we think should have been if, and only if…

Yeah whatever we say…we’re over it! But are we ever really? Even if it may seem that way on the surface (since some appear to mask it better than others who wear their heart on their sleeve) and it may seem that we have moved on, do we all (male and female) carry this hurt around with us in some way or another, wherever we go, buried in some small portion of our being…to be unleashed upon whomever we meet? And are we always on our guard, waiting for a reason for that suppressed hurt to spring out when we least expect?

Sometimes the slightest thing may trigger it, or maybe it prevents us from giving of ourselves totally. (c)

“You gotta wake up and live!”
Robert Nesta Marley (1945 – 1981)

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