Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing lasts forever…like children that grow up before the eyes of their parents; that ‘sweep me off my feet’ feeling of young love…the culmination of emotions at the yuletide season especially Christmas morning. These are all things that we wish could last forever but inevitably all good things must come to an end. Sometimes we wonder why did life have to change, these moments often pass by so quickly that maybe at the time we are not fully cognizant and appreciative of what is happening in our lives…Too many times we forget to savour the moments, we rush from one moment to the next without a second thought about what is happening in the present and before you know it that moment is gone. And the proverbial question remains: do we have control over our destiny? Many of us struggle with this eternal enigma. Is life laid out for us just to ‘live out’ or do we actively have a role to play in what happens at every stage? …© To read more look out for the publication of a collection coming soon!

I think Doris Day said it best in her famous song: “Que Sera Sera.”
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