The Quest for Happiness

According to 2008 statistics from the World Health Organization, heart disease and strokes are on the rise as the leading causes of death around the world. This trend is said to continue over the next twenty years or so according to a report published in May 2008. Some of the underlying causes of this are stress-related and often we find ourselves the victim. With this in mind, we must really step back and assess what is the object of our happiness. Is it wealth? Is it a good job? Is it finding a suitable partner to share your life with? Or is it simply life? Given the current situation in the world today when a human life is so easily ‘snuffed out’ we really need to take charge and make the most of every moment of life… (c)

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3 thoughts on “The Quest for Happiness”

  1. Hi Carolyn,This is my first blog. What a weird thing. Now, how many people can see what I write. A friend told me yesterday that a person at work committed suicide. She was upset but somehow I just thought they out of the shit. Is that a weird thought.


  2. You are too funny liz…everyone that visits the blog can see your comments…one of my friends from abroad actually told me i have a comment! This article was actually inspired by a school mate who died this year…they did not commit suicide but it was quite sad…the eulogy…some ppl are just not equipped to deal with all that life brings…could be their upbringing or physical ‘make up.’


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