Life is so unpredictable; you never know where the winding road will take you. Sometimes we think that we are doing the best thing at the time but in retrospect we often second-guess our decisions. We get swept away by our emotions and think we are just playing the game of love till we get in over our head. There are times that we feel that true love is a myth and only exists in our head but we have to really look inside and determine what is the cause of these emotions. We think that if we let anyone too close, they will discover the real ‘us’ and this makes us wary as another person sees us for who we really are, flaws and all. We tell ourselves that we are now vulnerable to actually feeling emotion and our emotions are left bare and we are now exposed and susceptible to fear and hurt. Fear that we may actually really begin to love this person, fear of not being loved in return or not being loved, as we want to. Fear of being committed too soon, fear of closing ourselves off from the rest of the world, from our family, from other potential suitors. We wonder if this is really ‘the one’ or are we just killing time till we find him or her. We wonder if we give ourselves to that person would they betray us, would they make us regret trusting the opposite sex and lock ourselves off completely… (c) To read more check out my book on Amazon.